Monday, April 18, 2011

Take the National MA test......check :)

So last Wednesday I took the National MA test. Taking this test is the only REAL way to become a certified medical assistant (CMA....instead of just an MA), it looks really good on a resume, and I can work in any state, not just Utah. The test was $100 and I knew absolutely no one that has taken the test!!!! Which added to my stress, I had no idea what to expect! I started studying Sunday night and can I just say that those 4 days were filled with a lot of stress, no sleep, and very little food. I woke up Monday morning SUPER sick to my stomach! I've never been so scared for a test in my life (which includes the 4 state tests I had to take 3 weeks ago...which I ended up passing by the way :) Anyway so after all the stress I came out of the test with an need a 70% to pass! It still has to go to the big wig national people to approve my score and make sure the computer graded it correctly, but I PASSED!!!!! :) I've also been doing my externship at my mom's work, a doctor's office here in Payson (UCMA) and have about 4 weeks left of that and then I will officially be done with the MA program! :) .......and it's not set in stone but more then likely next January I will be going back to school to get my RN. Everyone I work with at my externship wishes they would have done it when they were younger and they all keep telling me to go back and do it so I figure I have nothing else to do so looks like I'll just keep going to school, lol. The plan for now is to go to UVU and get my generals done and then transfer to Weber or UofU or something for the nursing program (UVU's nursing program is really hard to get into). I'll work as an MA to get myself through college and then when I graduate I'll work as an RN, or that's the plan for now. I would really like to get hired on at a hospital that will pay for my schooling, which would be really nice but I'll just go with the flow for now! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My recent projects! :)

Hello blogging world!!! I have decided to try and start blogging again...making a fresh new start! :) What a better way to start then with my new decorating projects that I have put together....